February 5th, 2012
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questionThe great question of identity and being a birth-first parent is one of the many combinations within and inherent to the human condition. I read a blog recently about a  how basically we think on our biological children and obsess almost, how they fill and captivate us and one day, for some, (not all) we wake up and the ache is a little less.

This continues and you think, “Maybe I am ok?”

There is a deep pain in birth-parents, and it is the loss of being a parent. Hold a baby and try not to cry. I dare you not to think about your child you placed.


Last night, I cried for the first time in awhile over my baby. Funny how things work out. In church today I sat with a 2 month old baby while Mom and Dad got some ministry.

Later as I chatted with Mom, I was blessed to be able to hold this baby. The weight hung in my arms and reminded me of the residual ache I experience. It reminded me of the pain anyone who has lost a child has felt.

Grief and sorrow are often times the companion of those of us who placed. Anger and self hatred grows unless we monitor it and grow, and are willing to be open to healing.  Part of healing is releasing the guilt and shame, and saying and truly believing that we are worthy of the love we gave selflessly. (read other blogs, I cover that topic, often.)

However one chooses to heal, it is vital that it must not be an escape, a recess from the reality of what you are feeling. What I experience, what you feel, whatever it is, hear me on this; YOU are OK. It is ok to cry and let out the pain, in fact it is therapeutic.

A friend once said that depression is anger turned within, and I used to be so bitter and full of hate. That isn’t saying I don’t get angry but now, because I have walked through healing I can see the symptoms and do the things that aid me, not set me back.

So who am I, if I am not a mother? Today I don’t know the answer, but through continued perseverance and knowing I have peace of mind and heart, I can find myself and dig myself out of the rubble of the experience and hopefully, help someone else out of their rubble too.

Today I choose to live for the moment and for the little joys of my existence. I dare you to dream and hold your hand out and help someone out of their pain, because when we move past our own needs, we often times more then not find the answer we were looking for.

Love to all my readers,

Have a beautiful day!

Nellie J.

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  1. chicagobaby82 says:

    Hi my name is Molly. I recently got married to a wonderful man who was adopted out of Chicago in 1982. We are on a mission to find his birth parents. We can’t afford the 200.00 it takes to contact and see pictures of his birth parents. We always talk about if they ever think of him. If you or if you know anyone who can help us find his birth parents, please let us know. We have a 3 week old baby and would like our baby to meet my husbands birth parents someday….

  2. cliftonsmom says:

    I just can’t get over the fact that I was betrayed by my childs Aunt. I was under every impression that she would do right by this child, and make sure that his 2 sisters and I where apart of his life. Well after the adoption was finalized… she cut all of us out of his life, stating that it was better for him. We have a huge family & none of us are allowed at her house, we can’t call her phone. I have the worst guily because I never thought she would do this to us or the child. He is 13 years old and currently trying to date his 2nd cousin. He does not know that is his cousin. I am so lost!!! Depressed, and I feel a ton of every emotion possible.

    Had to Vent It Out!!!

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