August 3rd, 2011
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(OLy)-758_2So often we get caught up in the titles we have been given in our life; best athlete, honor student, top performer…the list can and will go on. As we reach adulthood we strive for even more; Manager, Director, COO, CEO, Chairman. What is it about these titles that we strive to have? The feeling of importance? There is something common with all of those titles, they were GIVEN to you…what is a title you have GIVEN yourself? My titles: birth mother, wife, mommy, children’s book author, friend. If you think about it, the titles you give yourself hold the most meaning…they will follow you beyond your athletic years, beyond your college studies, beyond your career and beyond your paycheck.

Your title says a lot about you and your heart. I am proud of each of my titles, they tell my story without a story.

What is your title?


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