November 7th, 2006
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We Voted! Did You?
We got two stickers. We’re awesome.

Go vote today! No matter where you’re from or what the issues on your ballot are today, your voice needs to be heard. Exercise your right to vote! That may be the only exercise some of us get today. (Meaning, myself. HA!)


2 Responses to “We Voted! Did You?”

  1. MommyLis2001 says:

    Good to know I wasn’t the only one voting with Kids Attached. Voting becomes more like aerobics class when a 5 and 2 year old boy tag along. Guess I exercised my right to vote AND got some exercise for my body as well. :) Lisa

  2. Rebeccakbingham says:

    Jenna….he has your eyes. He is looking more and more like you all the time……

    I voted absentee….that seems to be the only way I an manage to do it……

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