May 1st, 2007
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Concerned United Birthparents (CUB ) is seeking proposals for their upcoming retreat in September.

This year’s retreat is being held at:

Hamburger University and Hyatt Lodge
Oakbrook, Illinois Sept. 28th- 30th 2007

Hamburger University, McDonald’s beautiful 88-acre corporate campus, is an ideal setting for CUB’s annual retreat this fall. Once again, CUB invites all members of the adoption triad and their significant others to meet with others who understand our common challenges. The CUB retreat theme has always been one of sharing and support and we are seeking proposals along these lines.

Karen, previous adoption search blogger wrote a post about the upcoming CUB retreat that gives more details. She includes some history of the retreat site as well.


Many triad members look forward to the retreat each year. It is an empowering feeling to be embraced and welcomed by others who understand and have some shared feelings and experiences. Many members look forward to this annual event.

Speakers and presenters at past retreats have included authors, therapists, birth parents, adoptees and reunited birth parents with their child. Past speakers have included: Past presenters include: Nancy Verrier, Ann Fessler and Evelyn Robinson.

CUB’s retreats offer an enjoyable opportunity to spend time with others who have walked in your shoes. I encourage our adoptionblogs readers to attend the retreat! The camaraderie and fellowship is something quite extraordinary. CUB retreats are designed to be relaxing, healing and educational as well. The sites for the treats are specifically chosen for their natural beauty and relaxing environments conducive to peaceful contemplation and healing.

Want to read about last year’s retreat? At last year’s event, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting and hearing author Ann Fessler’s moving presentation and book signing. She happily posed for photos with many of us, and spoke to some of us in a small group setting. Ann was very articulate and gracious.

CUB Retreat 2006- Part 1

CUB Retreat 2006-Part 2

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4 Responses to “Concerned United Birthparents Wants YOU!”

  1. Maybe someone will speak out concerning how birth parents in open adoption deserve equal support.

  2. Jan Baker says:

    Parents in open adoptons are totally welcome in CUB. I did bring up welcoming parents in open adoptions at the last board meeting.

    Would love any suggestions from you or anyone else as to how to make them more welcome at CUB.

  3. Heather Lowe says:

    Yeah, I’m a VP of CUB and in an open adoption. I’ll agree that there aren’t enough of us…but to change that, more of us have to join!

  4. Jan Baker says:

    I really would love any thoughts from anyone about how to make birth moms in open adoptions more inclined to join CUB.

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