January 25th, 2007
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Two new forums have been brought to the site in hopes of finding further support for birth parents. Birth Mother Support and, even cooler, Birth Father Support are two of the four new forums aimed at fostering supportive discussion by triad members.

Of course, with that comes the simple fact that the forums are not segregated. This gentle reminder is made in hopes that all will “play nice,” so that we may all benefit:

Please remember, when posting, that our forums are open to anyone and your likely to get response from all sides of the triad when doing so – the purpose of the forum is to allow each side a place to discuss the specific issues as they pertain to that triad position.

The two other new forums are Adoptive Mother Support and Adoptive Father Support. I must say that with all four new forums, I am extremely pleased to see an emphasis on reaching out to the fathers involved in adoption. They deserve support just as much as any of the mothers!


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  1. Galaxykitten says:

    I have a few question I don’t see here but mybe im just blind today…I am interested in adoption and I used to think internation was the only way I was so scared the birthmother would snatch the child away just as we grew a strong bond but recently ive been looking on adoption.com and alot of us toddlers and foster to adopt children have stuck out to me from the us .But I seem to fall in love with the twins or sibling groups and I was wanting to know if the legal fees for twins or sibling were like two children or do the make a package for you?—-that sounds wrong im sorry im not sure how to put it , I think you know what i mean but I am just want to know how long ill need to save before I can provide a loving home for a child or two or three (my husband wants no more than two more because we have two boilogical girls and he doesnt want to get rid of hes truck lol)But he does want to adopt too when I have fears about adoption he pionts out the benefits.
    Anouther question I have is We are JWs and I was wondering how that might effect the adoption .Some ppl frown on JWs because there a bit different from other religion but I think anyone that loves god should be respected in a world of such pain and distuction.
    Anyways anyone that might help thank you.

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