September 21st, 2008
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I happened upon an interesting discussion on the forums. A family waiting to adopt was told by their attorney that Medicaid was “catching on to adoptive families” and advising hospitals to “hold the baby hostage” until the adoptive family agrees to pay or “pays in full in some cases.”

I must first off commend those that spoke up and told this family to “run, not walk away, from this attorney.” Shady, shady. However, I’m not all that surprised at the concept being discussed with regard to expectant parents considering adoption, Medicaid and shadiness in general.

When I was pregnant with the Munchkin, I was initially bumped off of Medicaid when I mentioned the “adoptive family” at a meeting with my case worker. When my own mom informed me that they couldn’t do that, I simply mentioned my (non-existent) attorney and I was reinstated. (I eventually lost my coverage as well as I couldn’t attend a meeting in-office while on bedrest due to my kidney disorder. But that’s another story!)


And so, while this attorney in the thread does sound somewhat if-y (at best), I’m not particularly surprised. I really wouldn’t be shocked if Medicaid was trying to bump out expectant parents considering adoption based solely on my own experience. It seems backwards, of course, as you would think that a mother who was actively trying to avoid placing another child into the Medicaid system would be applauded by those who blame such mothers for the downfall of our society. But, alas, logic doesn’t always sit well with those passing judgment.

I don’t know the real story here. I don’t know if this is a case of an over-reacting attorney, an unethical attorney or some shady happenings in a specific Medicaid office. I do know that we need widespread reform within the system to both stop abuse of such things and to help those who legitimately are seeking help in a time of need. And, hey, if we could remove the stigma, well, I think we’d see quite a few more mothers parenting their children to boot.

What was your experience with Medicaid, if any, during your pregnancy?

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  1. lorisam7879 says:

    Oh, this is so upsetting, especially when people need Medicaid the most, with the horrible economy. How terrifying that your baby that you’ve waited for for so many years could be “held” until you pay? Just the thought angers me….
    I applied for medicaid once, and was given such a run around, it was HORRIBLE. It was my child, that I was keeping and they treated me like I had the plague or something… Never again, if I can help it.
    Thanks for the great post, I do enjoy your blog — will be back often.

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