November 15th, 2007
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Playing off of last week’s Faces of First Moms beauty, I need to talk about some more love via pictures. As I said, I really like looking at others’ photographs. I like smiles. And serious faces. And unique angles. And funny faces. And families being families.

And this being an adoption-related blog, I also like looking at “pictures of adoption.” Now, I know that there are some among us who are asking, “How do you show adoption in photograph form.” In many ways, of course. And that’s why I love the group on flickr, “Adoption is a Blessed Gift.” Of course, the name makes me gag but, alas, I love smiling kids. And there’s lots of that going on. So, bring it on!


While most of the pictures in the group are All Rights Reserved and, thus, I cannot post them for you to see, I will link you to a few that caught my eye in the past few weeks. These are some shots that just scream love to me.

This picture? It’s a double-whammy for me! You’ve got some good mama-baby smiling going on coupled with babywearing! WOOHOO! That’s good stuff for me.

This one (and the others by that user) makes me get all weepy. I love the aura of the photo. I love the sisterly vibe. I love the tutus! (I love tutus in general.)

And of course, this one is mind-blowing. I have it marked as a favorite in my flickr. It’s gotten a great response, even from outside of the adoption community. It’s just good stuff, folks.

The group is not comprised of all adoptive parents. There are birth parents in the group (myself included) and adoptees. All sides of the triad have shared their photos, depicting love and adoption in some way. And that’s why I like it. Despite the sugary-sweet, often-offensive title. I can overlook that when kids smile like this.

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  1. roni says:

    What a coincidence, I just posted on a picture J & P posted of their sons. The picture made me melt. THEY ARE ADORABLE!

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