August 16th, 2007
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In the Sand; ©2006, Jenna Hatfield I’m on vacation and the beach is on my mind. It’s no wonder then that I’m mentally transported back to almost exactly one year ago. Nicholas and I were on the beach with J, D, JD and the Munchkin. It was a trip of beautiful memories for me, quite a few of which were caught on camera.

You see, there’s nothing quite like watching your children experience the wonders of the ocean, especially if you, yourself, are an ocean lover. I am, in fact, an ocean lover, having spent many a summers on the beach with my family. On this particular visit, I did get to watch my son, then nine months, enjoy his first waves as we sat in the shallow surf. And while it wasn’t the Munchkin’s first experience with all the grandeur that the ocean brings, I got to experience her joy and some other firsts.


It was the first time she went jumping in the waves with her Dad; I loved watching it happen. I was reminded of jumping in the waves with my own father, hanging on to his arms each time a wave came so I could jump up and over the frothy wake. Her joy and enthusiasm for life were contagious; I felt myself constantly smiling.

For me, being there on Nick’s first ocean excursion with Munchkin present meant something special to me. My children are not raised under the same roof and yet they get to have experiences like that one… together. As a mother, I get to make those memories (and snap those pictures!) that will last a lifetime. I’m blessed to have experienced such a beautiful thing. While Nicholas was content to sit in the shallow waters or in the baby tent and thus didn’t interact much with the Munchkin on the beach itself, it meant so much to me to be there with them both.

And so, as I’m awash in my own mommy memories this week (and awash in sun and surf!), I am reminded of the love I felt a year ago amidst similar conditions. While the Munchkin isn’t with us this year, she’s with us in heart as we send our love to her from the shores of North Carolina!

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Photo Credit: ©2006, Jenna Hatfield.

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  1. And you’re now very near my oldest child, while I’m half a world away! What I wouldn’t give for a photo op … beach or no beach … with all my kids. Sigh …

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