July 29th, 2011
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tortoiseI believe we are all guilty of rushing. Whether it be in the morning to work, at your job trying to accomplish all your tasks, at home with your spouse and children. Do we even know how to operate any other way? I am overly guilty of this and happen to see the repercussions of it daily. I tend to overlook the details sometimes because I am just trying to swiftly accomplish what is at hand and move on to the next ~ oh and of course juggle more than one thing. Last night is a prime example (my husband is sure to chuckle that I am using this).


My boys have spent the week at football camp. This is our first experience putting the children in such an involved sport, we stand on the side lines with a tear in our eyes overwhelmed with pride! No, that’s not the story…I will cut to the chase. I meet my husband and the boys at the field after work. Camp ends, all is well and we head home with thoughts of grilling on our minds. I head out ahead of him with our three year old and as I am pulling out of the parking lot I see my husband and the other two ‘tough football’ studs jogging to their car. We catch up with each other on the road home at a stop light with me right behind them. The light turns green, I see my husband start to go so naturally I start to go and I turn back to say something to my littlest man and then CRASH!! I slammed into the back of my husband’s car! I sat there in shock for a second not understanding what just happened, weren’t we just driving? My son instantly starts crying in fear, my husband jumps out of his car and comes over to make sure we are both ok. We were, thankfully, just scared and confused. I still am! How did I manage to lose sight of what was at hand, driving, and ram one of our cars into another? First, must say thank goodness I didn’t run into someone else that would have led to many more issues with insurance, traffic ticket etc. We collected ourselves and drove home and I stood and stared in shock at the damage I caused to our families vehicles. Ugh. Needless to say I am still a little gun shy behind the wheel! On my drive into work this morning every little car switching lanes or tapping on their break would send me into panic. Then it hit me! It REALLY is okay to slow down! So that is what I did, I slowed my speed and decided not to rush and just go with the flow…I would eventually get to my destination.

This is so true in life! It REALLY is okay to slow down! Think about the times in life where you were stressed, anxious, sad, emotional, hurting or even happy. If we only heeded those words then the pain or the experience might have changed.

I know this to be true with processing and coping with giving my son up for adoption. Rushing through the pain the sorrow and the separation did me no good. I am guilty of it. I tried so hard to get back to normal mode of operation. What if I slowed down a little? I would have made it to the same destination but perhaps with just a little more care and attention to the task at hand (healing).

Keep this in mind with your own struggles and experiences. Slow down and process them or enjoy them, they are not going anywhere. Don’t rush through your emotions…they are part of the final destination.

~ Denise

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  1. gsvitek says:

    My husband Googled me the other day. This site popped up with my search for my biological daughter. It was bitter sweet reading my words and seeing my picture. The good news is that I found my daughter last year, and she is my best friend now.
    Don’t give up on your search, it is the greatest information to know that she was loved and cared for. Now we is there for each other again.
    I have been trying to figure out how to remove my name and picture from the Register to free up space for others in their search.

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