January 16th, 2008
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As birth parents, we all have varying experiences. While some differences are because of generational changes, even those who placed in the same eras have differences due to any number of reasons. Those who placed in the Baby Scoop Era have different stories to tell than those who have placed in the past ten years as will each mother within each generation. And yet, there are similarities as well. Similarities from mother to mother, father to father and generation to generation.

And that’s what this survey is all about.

The Surrender Survey Project is for parents (mother and fathers) who have voluntarily relinquished and/or had their rights (involuntarily) terminated. And so, in that way, it is all inclusive. More over, the questions pertain to both parents in closed and open adoption, not just one or the other. I know that there are some things that try to exclude one group or the other but this survey acknowledges both. In fact, this survey’s success depends on answers from both closed and open adoption birth parents.


Of special note: for parents that have relinquished more than one child, you are asked to take it once for each child relinquished. (Meaning, if you have placed two children, please take the survey twice, answering specifics for each individual child on each individual survey attempt.)

I’ve already taken the survey, having received it this morning. I provided all of my contact information but that is optional; you can remain anonymous! I thought that the questions were fair. And important, especially considering a line of questioning regarding whether or not I, as a birth parent, feel that adoptees should have access to their information. (And you know I’ve got strong opinions on that! Heck yes they should!)

I urge you to take this survey. They are seeking 600 participants by December 1, 2008. (As of today, the numbers are sitting around 50!) If that many birth parents participate, it will be the largest comprehensive birth parent survey to date. Doesn’t that make you want to get involved?

Please do so. Click this link. Let your voice, your experience, be heard.

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