January 30th, 2010
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BooksSimilar to my discussion yesterday about adoption blogs, I’m wondering if other birth parents read books about adoption. For awhile, I specifically sought out books that were about the subject. Fictional and non-fiction, I read them all. I read how-to books on birth parent grief and the essence of birth parenting. I read fictional accounts about mothers who chose adoption and either loved it or hated it. I read histories of mothers who had come before me on this adoption journey. I read and I read and I read and I read.

And then I never wanted to read another book about adoption ever again.


At that point in time, I just started reading my everyday books. Do you know what happened then? Adoption kept sneaking into the stories. Sometimes it was only a one sentence discussion or mention. An example being something like this, “My child asked why his friend didn’t look like his parents and I explained that the friend in question had been adopted,” and then never mentioned elsewhere in the book. Other books lead sneak attacks, never mentioning adoption in their key words or on the back covers but then launching into a surprise revelation that the main character was, in fact, adopted! Or going to adopt! Or pregnant and considering adoption! At one point, I wanted to throw a book across the room. I mean, even the Twilight series mentioned adoption in the first book as a way to explain how these magnificent looking teenaged people (er, vampires) had come to live with such a young mother and father. Insert eye roll here.

Now I’m in a nice, comfortable place where I really don’t launch books across the room anymore for sneak attacks. In fact, about once a month I specifically seek out a book on the subject of adoption, either fictional or not. It’s a good place to be. I continue to learn, even from fiction, things about my own journey and the journeys of others. Mainly, I just love to read.

What about you? Do you seek out adoption books or do you throw them across the room when they sneak up on you?

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  1. gale says:

    I seek them out. I purchase a lot of adoption books – both ‘self help’ and fiction. I pass them on to other adoptive parents once I read them. I enjoy reading also.

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