September 22nd, 2008
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I wish stories like this one didn’t exist. But with unethical agencies and attorneys still free to do what they want without fear of consequence, fathers are going to continue to lose their children.

In short, Kareem Williams’ daughter was placed for adoption without his consent. He has been fighting for her for four years. She has been living with the “adoptive family” that was chosen for her by the birth mother’s family.

Looking at the few details provided about this case, it is not hard to see what reform is needed in today’s adoption industry.

1. The father’s consent was not collected which is what has lead to this lengthy court battle.


2. The birth mother agreed to a closed adoption because she was not informed by the agency or attorney involved about open adoptions. (Meaning: total lack of counseling as to all options.)

3. The attorney that represented the birth mother also represented the adoptive parents which is a conflict of interest.

4. Lower courts in this case are saying that the birth mother signed the papers “under duress.” While the lower court case has been overturned, that’s highly suspicious, no?

5. Do I need to point out the fact that a family is keeping a child from a biological parent who has said that he wants to parent? One whose consent was never given for the adoption? One who has been fighting since he applied for custody shortly after birth?

It’s a sad story, as Williams’ lawyer points out with this quote.

No one should be able to manipulate the process in such a way that a father’s right is deprived. That’s exactly what happened here. And it happened on so many different levels.

But agencies and attorneys and families are manipulating the process, all the time, to get rid of the fathers’ rights. It happened on so many levels in this case and it is happening on so many levels in other cases.

And so no one thinks I’m cold-hearted, yes, I feel for this little girl. If Williams wins, which would be the appropriate legal thing in this case, her life will be turned upside down and there will be emotional trauma. I’m aware of that. Of course, no one is to blame for that other than the agency, attorney and “adoptive” parents. If Williams doesn’t win, I really feel sorry for these adoptive parents that they will someday have to own up to what they did and I see that creating a whole other trauma experienced much later in this beautiful girl’s life.

I hope whatever the outcome (no updates have been written whether the appeal was able to be processed or not), this little girl is able to find love and support.

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  1. cleanupgirl says:


    My son wanted to parent his baby boy, but the mother gave him up for adoption. My son was not sure he was the father, so he did not provide for this woman throughout her pregnancy-not to mention she was married to another man at the time. The court statute in North Carolina says that if you do not provide support, or set up a bank account in the babys name then that means you have no interest in raising this child and the court will use that to terminate your rights in a contested adoption. The statute here in NC is 48-3-601 subsection 2.4. Men do not know about this statute. The lawyer we hired did not know about it and as a result we are in the process of losing any connection with this little boy. Something needs to be done to give the birth father a better chance. My son and I feel so hurt, and have been grieving since leaving the court room last week. We can appeal but we need a new lawyer, since this one did not know what he was doing.

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