Thursday Thirteen: Things I Didn’t Like About Juno

May 1st, 2008

I started off this two part series last Thursday with a discussion on things I did like about the movie. I needed to start out with the positives for a few reasons. I'm a generally positive person so it's just in my nature to start off with good things. And, on a totally negative note, there were less positives for me to discuss and so I thought they deserved the limelight of first nod. Truth be told, while I didn't hate the movie, there were many, many things that bothered me on different levels. Some were deeply personal levels as the movie had many parallels to my own adoption story. (For example, my best friend? Who was present at the labor? Is named Leah. Yeah, weird… [more]

Thursday Thirteen: News Stories

March 27th, 2008
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Thursday surprised me again. I can't seem to keep up with my weekdays anymore! That said, in honor of another Thursday Thirteen, I thought I'd hit on thirteen things I'd rather see the media cover when it comes to adoption. I'm tired of the constant negative focus on birth parents who are contesting adoption, exercising their right to reclaim their children before finalization or simply changing their mind and parenting prior to birth or signing of the Termination of Parental Rights. I know you're tired of seeing those stories as well. While the stories I'm about to suggest aren't all happy-go-lucky, they are different from the normal "horror" stories that paint birth parents as the enemy. These are thirteen story themes I would like to… [more]

Thursday Thirteen: Where Adoption Has Stalked Me Recently

March 20th, 2008
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Thursday? My weeks fly by. That said, I can't get away from adoption as of late. I've been trying to keep low key on how much adoption material I willingly subject myself to as of late. I need to do this from time to time to get back to the heart of the matter, which is my daughter. It's easy to get caught up in other things. While some things present a necessity for involvement, like reform, it's easy to get side-tracked by other things. But man! Adoption seems to follow me everywhere I go. Here are thirteen places I didn't expect to be bombarded with adoption but got hit in the face anyway. 1. Books. I purposefully selected some non-adoption related fictional content to read. I… [more]

Thursday Thirteen: Things I Don’t Want for My Relinquished Daughter

March 6th, 2008

Wow, the weeks are just flying by anymore. It's Thursday again. Time for another list of thirteen things that apply to adoption as I know it. Last week I wrote a list of thirteen things I want for my relinquished daughter. However, like any parent, there are things that I don't want for my daughter, too! Read through these and see how your wishes for things your child to avoid differ from my own. If at all. 1. Heartache. Silly wish, right? Her heart is going to be broken from time to time despite any protective actions taken by her everyday parents. That's part of growing up and understanding what it is to love. So, while she won't be able to avoid heartache, my flip-wish… [more]

Thursday Thirteen: Things I Want for my Relinquished Daughter

February 28th, 2008

Thursday again? Like any parent, I have hopes and dreams for my daughter. The only difference is that I am not parenting her and someone else is in physical charge of nurturing her through to adulthood. I was once told by a disgruntled, anti-birth parent reader that my dreams for my child were out of place as I was not her parent. That's preposterous! For example, I have dreams for my younger brother. I want him to be happy in his marriage, successful in whatever career path he finally chooses and to find a vehicle that won't break down every other week. That doesn't mean I'm going to force him to marry someone I think is worthy, choose his career path or buy him a… [more]

Thursday Thirteen: Comments That Aren’t So Cool

February 21st, 2008
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Unlike last week, I'm not surprised that it's Thursday "all ready." It's been a very long week in our household. I would really rather it was Friday so that I could get a break. Alas, one more day! Since it is Thursday, it's time for another installment of thirteen things about adoption. Last week I talked about some comments that I'm "cool with" when it comes to adoption. You know what that means for this week, right? Yeah. Those little comments that dig. That sting. That hurt in ways that I won't adequately be able to explain with words. Obviously, my list will be somewhat personal but other first parents have similar lists. 1. "That's awfully nice/big/giving of them to let you know about… [more]

Thursday Thirteen: Comments I’m Cool With

February 14th, 2008

Thursday again? That means it's time for another list of thirteen things that are related to the birth parent experience in adoption. This week I thought I would hit on thirteen comments that I'm "cool with" hearing when I share my adoption story. (You might be able to guess what I'll share next week!) Just like every other member of the triad, birth parents have been subjected to comments that make their skin crawl. Over the years, I've found that certain comments are either less offensive or fully acceptable. Sharing an adoption story is no easy task. The responses of others can either make or break the whole situation. This list is somewhat personal. All birth parents will differ as to what falls under somewhat acceptable and… [more]

Thursday Thirteen: Not-So-Hot Things in Open Adoption

February 7th, 2008

It's Thursday? Where did my week go? All the same, it's time to talk about thirteen things in adoption. Before you read the title and get your knickers in a twist, I've already covered thirteen positives in open adoption. And I'm all about covering all sides of a coin. Why did I choose "not-so-hot" over the word "negative?" Well, I strive to be a positive person most of the time. Sometimes my cynical side beats its way out of me and I come across overly negative. Yet it has been a goal this year to work more in a positive frame of mind. That doesn't mean, however, that some icky stuff doesn't exist. It also wouldn't be fair if I didn't talk about good and… [more]

Thursday Thirteen: Positives in Open Adoption

January 24th, 2008

I've decided to start participating in the Thursday Thirteen meme here on the Birth/First Parent blog. I've been looking for a way to share general tips with my readers about birth parenting, adoption, reunion, reform and adoption in general but struggling to find a format. Enter the Thursday Thirteen meme! Each Thursday I will share thirteen tips with you on a certain subject that pertains to birth parents. While I may try to take a generally positive spin on things, as is my personality, some negative will slip in as well. Each week will feature a theme within the broader realm of "birth parents" and "adoption." So what's our theme this week? The title says it: Thirteen Positives Brought to Birth Parents via Open Adoption… [more]