The Treasure

September 23rd, 2011

#C513480951108#P745061951108#F8#How do you explain in words something you treasure or covet? Like the pair of sweats that you have had for way too many years but never want to part from, the handkerchief that was once your Grandma’s that sits in a drawer. What about treasures of your children’s? You would think they would be simple items like their ‘best’ drawing ‘ever’ that they chose to save, their best Lego guy or their first blanket. You can sum them all up as irreplaceable to the owner, right? In our home we have one special treasure, it is a little book that ties together with a piece of string on the front and is red and blue. I can see it perfectly without… [more]

The Letter

September 13th, 2011

BootsI tend to hold onto letters that I receive from people in my life that hold a special spot. Birthday cards from my children and husband, letters from my Grandma from over the years as well as letters from the adoptive parents of my placed son, Will. They are treasures I don’t want to ever part with. If you are anything like me your heart fills with joy when you get a letter in the mail, the thought of someone thinking of you enough to send you a letter is a comforting feeling. I remember the day I received one particular letter in the mail, dated 12/30/06. It was from the adoptive parents and I couldn’t wait to read the latest of

What is Your Title?

August 3rd, 2011

(OLy)-758_2So often we get caught up in the titles we have been given in our life; best athlete, honor student, top performer...the list can and will go on. As we reach adulthood we strive for even more; Manager, Director, COO, CEO, Chairman. What is it about these titles that we strive to have? The feeling of importance? There is something common with all of those titles, they were GIVEN to you...what is a title you have GIVEN yourself? My titles: birth mother, wife, mommy, children's book author, friend. If you think about it, the titles you give yourself hold the most meaning...they will follow you beyond your athletic years, beyond your college studies, beyond your career and beyond your paycheck. Your title says a lot… [more]

Thankful Series: The Munchkin

November 30th, 2006
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Together in AugustLast, but certainly not least, I am thankful for the Munchkin. I am thankful for every living and breathing moment of her life. I am thankful that she is alive, that I chose life. Sometimes it's hard to be thankful when she's not always around; after all, I'm human and have selfish moments when I want her all to myself. Going for months on end without seeing her, other than pictures, is somewhat hard on my soul. Yet, it's just the way that things are and sometimes you just have to accept things the way that they are to learn how to be truly thankful. I am thankful for her laughter. It is big, it is loud and it is so real. I am… [more]

Thankful Series: Munchkin’s Mom, D

November 29th, 2006
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D and I Getting Ready for my WeddingToday I am thankful for Munchkin's Mom, D, and all that she has done for the Munchkin, for me and for our family. Of course, I am always thankful for D; she has been a godsend. She's the type of adoptive Mom that you wish for your child, for your situation. D and I didn't become best friends instantaneously. It's required some work on both parts. As I stated before, I bonded with J first as he's the more talkative and outgoing spouse. However, I had no ill feelings or reservations about D from even our first phone conversation. Our relationship started to take off about a month after the Munchkin's birth. Yes, while she was around pre-placement… [more]

Thankful Series: My Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law

November 28th, 2006
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My Mother-in-Law with the MunchkinI have to state that I am thankful for my Mother-in-Law separate from the fact that I am thankful for my Father-in-Law. They are divorced and don't speak. So, I am not exactly thankful for them together but I am thankful for what they have done for and meant to me separately. My Mother-in-Law is a gem. (How many people get to say that? I am so blessed!) I met her while I was pregnant with the Munchkin. She had been an unwed Mother in the 70's, marrying Josh's older sister's Dad because of the pregnancy. She was nothing but supportive as I continued on in the pregnancy, asked for the occasional bits of advice (and food; oh, can she… [more]

Thankful Series: The Birthmothers Who Came Before Me

November 27th, 2006
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Today I am thankful for the mothers who walked the adoption journey before me, some before I was ever born. While our experiences differ from birth mother to birth mother, down generations and circumstances, without their pioneering ways, I may not be as lucky as I am today in openess and healing. I am thankful for many different kinds of birth mothers. I am thankful for those who speak candidly about their situations, either in positive or negative manners. Without telling their stories, I may not have been able to understand and accept that every adoption is different. With the varying stories of both success and defeat, I have been able to find myself in the middle and find support for both my good days and my bad. I am… [more]

Thankful Series: Munchkin’s Grandparents

November 26th, 2006
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Today I am thankful for the grandparents that Munchkin has through her Mom, D, and what they are in the Munchkin's life. You see, grandparents are important to me. I grew up living about fifty paces from my paternal grandparents' front door. We lived on The Farm together, which is about 89 acres. Grandma watched me when I was little, in those days before school, while Mom finished up her education in college. I learned about constellations by looking through the encyclopedias with her. She let me read books of hers (ooh, old) like My Friend Flicka. I learned to love homemade macarioni and cheese which is a thousand times better than the stuff from the box. Growing up, Grandma and Papau were just always there; at musicals and concerts… [more]

Thankful Series: Munchkin’s Many Brothers

November 25th, 2006
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Goodbye Kisses Before PromToday I am thankful for a bunch of testosterone known as the Munchkin's many brothers. She has three older brothers and two younger brothers. (One of them being Nicholas.) She is, as my grandparents would say, a rose among many thorns! Well, they're not that thorny. They're actually quite awesome. In searching for parents for the Munchkin, I wanted a family who had other children. It was not of my concern at the time whether they were biological, adopted or aliens from outer space; I just wanted her to have siblings. Munchkin's three older brothers come to her from J's previous marriage. They are all of the teenage years and they love her like crazy. I have delighted over the years in… [more]

Thankful Series: Munchkin’s Dad, J

November 24th, 2006
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J, Munchkin and MeAs the end of the month nears, I am digging deeper into my series of thankfulness. I've already covered how thankful I am for my Husband, who has been a huge help in my life and my adoption grief and loss and now it's time to look at the other key players. I am thankful for J, Munchkin's (adoptive) Dad. I only add the word adoptive in there for clarification in case we have any newer readers. He is and always will be, simply put, her Dad. J and I bonded first. This is because J is the more outgoing spouse. Both on the phone and in person, I felt at ease with him first. Some of this may also lie… [more]