Hopefully Today Means Something to You

January 21st, 2008

I'm hoping that today means something to you. More than just a day off from work. More than an annoyance that the Post Office is closed. More than just any other Monday if, like me, government holidays mean little to your schedule of events. I'm hoping that you stopped and thought about Martin Luther King, Jr's dream, if only for a few moments. As a birth mother to a biracial daughter in a fully open adoption, I do more than think about his dream for just a few moments today. I'm forced to consider the realities of that dream every time someone new enters my home and looks at our sprawling picture wall. When I'm asked, "Who is this," as they point to a picture of… [more]

Racism, Adoption and Birth Parents

August 10th, 2007

Together Just yesterday, I wrote about how the topics of racism and adoption have affected me as a birth mother and an everyday mother. It was the first time I had shared a personal, hurtful story about how I had previously been accused of being a racist for placing my daughter for adoption. Now that I've broken the dam, apparently the words want to keep flowing. And I'm left wondering if other non-racist birth mothers who have placed a child of a different race have dealt with this particular issue. If there's one thing I've learned by writing and reading about adoption, it's that we're never alone in our experiences though things may differ from situation to situation and personality to personality. Issues of race remain… [more]