Traveling Long Distances: Ten Tips – Part Two

March 12th, 2007

Long RoadPart One. 6. Related: Search for the best price. This falls under the previous two points as well. By planning ahead, you can set a budget and find the best price on travel related items. When searching for good airfare, don't always rely on places like Expedia. Check the airlines themselves as they will sometimes have better deals than the bigger "catch all" sites. The same goes for hotels and rental car places. (We recently got $100/night cheaper on a hotel by actually calling the front desk! Keep that in mind!) As an added mental note: know that gas prices are higher in the summer. If you book a flight in the winter for a summer trip, when prices may be lower, you could save… [more]

Traveling Long Distances: Ten Tips – Part One

March 12th, 2007

Traveling FarAs I said previously, traveling long distances for visits involves some planning on the parts of both sides of the adult triad. Just like any other trip, making your plans far enough in advance can help lessen the stress the comes when the actual travel dates arrive. Over the past three years, we've learned a little about traveling, both by vehicle and air, and have a few things to pass on to others. While not steadfast rules of dos and don'ts for open adoption travel, it might help save your from mistakes that we've made or give you ideas on how to better improve your traveling experience. (Plus one REALLY great and creative idea!!) 1. Know your comfort level. This point relates to where… [more]

Thoughts on Traveling Long Distances

March 8th, 2007

Long Distance TravelMunchkin's family does not live in the same town as our family. While they lived in the same state when we placed, it was on the opposite side of a very, very wide one. To top it off, I moved another hour away, into the middle of Ohio. That means our visits aren't as simple as picking up the phone, saying, "Want to meet for lunch," and getting in the car. There's the looking at the calendar, two or three times. Rescheduling because you forgot that x-kid has y-appointment on z-date that falls, of course, directly in the middle of initially planned visit. There's deciding whether to fly (much quicker but more expensive) or drive (muuuch longer and, depending on gas prices, not always… [more]

10 Great Ideas for Visiting in Open Adoption – Part Two

March 6th, 2007

Ideas 10-6. Bowling!Here are five more ideas for a great visit. 5. Other Indoor Activities of Fun: bowling. (We went bowling on our first visit and boy, was it a hoot.) Shopping; you don't have to spend money to bond over time spent in a shopping mall. Roller skating; though, I don't know if many other areas still have a real roller skating rink. Are we old? Ideally, avoid Chuck E. Cheese and the movies; neither provide a good place to spend time together, visit and bond. 4. Attend a Religious Service Together. This should come with the preface of: only if each party is willing to do so. For those coming from vastly different religious backgrounds, this may not be a great idea. For those… [more]

10 Great Ideas for Visiting in Open Adoption – Part One

March 6th, 2007

ZOO!I'm starting off this ongoing series with a list of ideas for those who have visits in their open adoption. First and foremost I must say that all adoptions are different and what works for one might not work for another. This list of 10 ideas will feature ideas for both short visits and long visits. I realize that not all families visit for a week at a time and may just have a day visit. I hope to include ideas for either situation. Furthermore, these aren't really in order from least great idea to greatest idea. Though I do like Number One. :) I couldn't pick favorites with the rest of them, so they're just simply numbered for numbers sake. On with the list! 10. Day… [more]