Adoption Prejudices – Adoptive Parents

May 28th, 2007

Although I knew that some birth mothers were none too fond of adoptive parents in general, I did not realize how much public scorn some adoptive parents face. First, let's talk about how some birth parents view adoptive parents in a prejudical manner. Please keep in mind that the majority of the birth parents that I tend to meet are searching or in reunion. The only birth parents that I know in open adoptions are on line. The feelings that birth parents have towards adoptive parents vary depending on many factors. A few of the reunited birth parents that I know found at reunion that their children had been abused by their adoptive parents. I think it is understandable that these birth parents might be… [more]

Meeting my Adoptive Mom Friends

October 12th, 2006

Laughing Over CoffeeIf you've been reading, I've been discussing meeting various triad members on the internet. Today I will share a fond memory of meeting one of my favorite adoptive Mom bloggers and friends in person. Who am I speaking of? Everyone's favorite: AfrindieMum! WOO! Yes, I've met her and I am thus cooler than you are. Unless you've met her, too, and then we're equally cool. I got an email one day from Miss Susie, stating that she would be in and around my area. She asked if I wanted to meet up. We had been talking back and forth via blogs for awhile; I liked her style of parenting and her style in life. I also had free time on my hands… [more]

Making Friends with Adoptive Parents

October 11th, 2006

Friendships are GoodI've written about making friends with other birthmoms online. And how it feels to get your feelings hurt via the internet. Now it's time to talk on one of the most valuable resources available to us thanks to the wonders of technology: other members of the triad. I'll talk about befriending adoptive parents first. Shortly after I placed the Munchkin, I was intimidated by the adoptive parent presence on the internet. This was before the big blogging craze. Firstmoms were not speaking out in large masses. We were still a widely unheard from group and, often times, those of us who dared to speak up were written off as angry, bitter or just plain old crazy. I forged ahead, reading all I… [more]