Transitions, Weddings and A Fully Open Adoption

July 27th, 2007
Categories: Marriage

Josh and Jenna, 2004 To end the series on personal stories of adoption and marriage, I decided I should hit on my own experience. I answered my own interview questions, the same that were sent to our other participants. My story is my own but at the same time, echoes of what others have already said and experienced are found throughout my own words. Circumstance and situation may differ but certain things seem to float across that board. As you know, I'm a birth mother involved in a fully open adoption. At the time of my wedding, the Munchkin was too young to be a flower girl, a point that many people balk at for differing reasons. Some are angered that I could "move on" in… [more]

A Story of Love, Disappointment and Stereotype Breaking

July 24th, 2007
Categories: Marriage

Tara and Chad As I continue to share stories about weddings, marriage and adoption from other birth parents, an important issue to hit on is when birth parents of the (same) placed child marry. It is a long-standing myth within the adoption world and society at large that birth parents had no caring feelings for one another, were only a one night stand or that the majority of birth parents can't remember their partner's name. Tara and her Husband, Chad, involved in a fully open adoption with their son, disprove that myth. As the adoption with their son is fully open, complete with visits, Tara didn't hesitate in telling her son's family about the wedding, inviting the family and asking her son and his… [more]

Planning a Wedding as a Birth Mother

July 23rd, 2007
Categories: Marriage

Breanna and AaronI interviewed Breanna, a birth mother involved in a fully open adoption, regarding how adoption is having an effect on her wedding plans. Newly engaged with the wedding still some time away, she is smart enough to recognize some key issues regarding adoption and marriage and is addressing them ahead of time. For any birth parent in an open adoption planning a wedding or thinking of marriage sometime in the future, this interview is a must-read. Again, as situations vary from family to family, Breanna's experience may not follow exactly how you will want to handle things. However, it never hurts to learn about your options! I first asked Breanna if she had invited her placed daughter to the wedding. E, her daughter, will… [more]

Birth Moms Talk About Weddings, Marriage and Adoption

July 20th, 2007
Categories: Marriage

Wedding Talk Again Last month I did a loose series (which means it accidentally became a series of related posts) on topics that surround weddings and marriage as they pertain to first parents. I promised to include personal stories from birth parents who have things to say on the matter. I'm just now getting around to finally collecting this information and sharing it with my readers. Starting on Monday of next week, I will be sharing various stories on the matter. As always, the mothers that I surveyed include an array of both closed and open adoption experiences. While most are already married, some divorced and one on the cusp of a marriage, they all have had interesting things to share on the topics involved. Similar to… [more]