Weekly Recap: November 12-18

November 18th, 2007
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This week has been... interesting. I'm thirty-seven weeks pregnant. (Or, really, today I turned thirty-eight weeks pregnant but spent the majority of the week counting through the thirty-seven week days.) Yesterday my (older) son celebrated his second birthday. (And, really, he'll be celebrating it today as well at his birthday party.) So, that said, I've also been planning a birthday party. And working. And nesting like mad. And shopping for said birthday. And my daughter's upcoming birthday. And Christmas presents. And. And. And! I'm kind of worn out. But we do have another successful NaBloPoMo week here on the Birth/First Parent blog! And that's exciting! We covered some stuff on the blog this week. In fact, we covered a lot of information! I continued the review of post-adoption contact agreements. I… [more]

Weekly Recap: November 5-11

November 11th, 2007
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The first full week of November was, well, full! It was also the first full week of NaBloPoMo and I'm happy to announce that the birth/first parent blog is on schedule! I'm not 100% sure that we'll meet the challenge this year if our son arrives early but, alas, we'll keep on keeping on in hopes of succeeding! We've got a theme going on this month (to help me along with the NaBloPoMo challenge) and, thus far, it's been very enlightening. I've been in the process of an in depth look at post-adoption contact agreements and that state-by-state statutes. I've learned a lot! For example, I've learned that politicians are wordy and that laws are often confusing. Some lack enough explanation to know how they cover a specific… [more]

Weekly Recap: October 29 – November 4

November 4th, 2007
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Whoa! Where did November come from? Apparently it decided to sneak up on me while I was complaining about the warm temperatures that ruled over October. Because, here we are! Speaking of November, how did you enjoy the time change? We've yet to see what it will do to Nick's sleep schedule (and, thus, our sleep schedules). Here's hoping that it's a simple adjustment. I mean, we do have a baby on the way. I'd like to get some sleep before this child arrives. (Please?) We wound up October in a quiet fashion. (I had been pretty wordy for the entire month!) I did have a word (or two) to say on that big New York Times article about international birth parent searches that hit… [more]

Weekly Recap: October 15-21

October 21st, 2007
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We had that unique mix of legitimately fall weather over here this week. We had some rain. In fact, we had some pretty nasty storms. We had some gray, dreary days. We had some windy days. And we had a day like today; mid-warm but still cool enough not to make me complain and so beautifully sunny that even those who wanted to complain couldn't find the negativity to do so. The leaves are changing now that the temperature has changed and juxtaposed against the brilliant blue sky today, well, I haven't seen anything that pretty, nature wise, in quite some time! We also had a rather eclectic mix of posts here on the birth/first parent blog. Like the weather in general, I did have a… [more]

Weekly Recap: October 8-14

October 13th, 2007
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Oh, sweet glorious Autumn! You have arrived! After starting the week off in the nineties, we're now experiencing more fall-like weather. I'm wearing corduroy pants! And sweaters! And slippers around the house! I feel like making hot chocolate and bundling in warm blankets. I couldn't be more content. This week was busy as ever, both in our house and on the blog. I took some time to talk about how birth parents should choose words and how they might be perceived, either by your child's adoptive parents or your child. I think it's vastly important for us to consider the weight of our words while simultaneously feeling the freedom to discuss, openly, what we are feeling. It's sometimes hard to find that place! I also hit on some emotions… [more]

Weekly Recap: October 1-7

October 6th, 2007
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The first week of October is over. I'm in some form of shock or denial, mostly because it's still in the mid-80's here, leaving me thinking that it's August. If the weather doesn't change soon, I might never realize that the holidays are quickly approaching. I wonder if I'll get any of my shopping done before this child arrives! I started off the week and the month with a reminder that, a) it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and b) birth mothers should be aware of their breast health and updating their placed children (especially if those children are daughters). After some tips from others about what to discuss and seeing a thread on the forums, I decided to tackle the topic of… [more]

Weekly Recap: September 17 – 23

September 22nd, 2007
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What? What is this heat? Why is in the 80's again? Where are my 60 degree days? I need to wear sweat pants and sweaters and jeans and, oh, have you seen the fact that stores are putting out hats and scarves and winter coats?! This is my time of year! And it's being ruined by heat. And sweat! (Did I mention that I'm thirty weeks pregnant and overheated as it is? 80 degrees does not work for me at this point.) That said, I was more than happy to stay inside, when possible, and fill the blog with some decent stuff this week. And fill I did! Some of the big news in the adoption world this week centered around movies. In fact, I talked… [more]

Weekly Recap: September 10-16

September 15th, 2007
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The second full week of September was once again filled, both on the blog and in my personal life. I covered a wide array of topics on the blog and experienced a wide array of emotions and new events in my own life. The temperature has dropped a bit and I can feel fall coming. Life seems kind of good right now! Milestones were hit by both my parented son and my placed daughter, which sparked various posts. I discussed how to deal with milestones in one post and hit on what milestones are the "hardest" in another. (The conclusion of the latter? They're all hard!) I talked about one of the Munchkin's milestones, hit this Monday, in this week's Love Thursday post… [more]