Resilience: More on Korean Birth Mother Documentary (Plus More!)

February 12th, 2007

Mothers and ChildrenA story of profound loss and broken family ties. -From the website. I originally wrote about Resilience, a documentary featuring Korean birth mothers, in November. I hadn't heard much more until this past week. The most interesting thing is that the website for the documentary has been launched! features some pretty moving music in the background as you click through the various portions of the website. The trailer has not yet been launched. However, three separate birth mothers are featured under the story section. Myung-ja No's story brought me to tears. Her baby was physically removed and taken to a hospital by her family. Just reading her story makes my heart break; I can't imagine what listening to her tell it in the documentary… [more]

Birthmothers Around the World: A Look at Korea

November 10th, 2006

Goodness, I love technology. I stumbled across this gem tonight while searching for new adoption feeds. It's an article in The Korea Times that features a DVD about the birthmothers (from Korea) that were forced, unwillingling, to place their children for adoption. The DVD itself is called Resilience. The story gets more and more interesting as we're introduced to a Pastor who runs a guesthouse (for lack of a better word) for adoptees returning to Korea to search for their birthmothers and answers to their questions. The Pastor then contacted a Korean adoptee from the US to produce the documentary as he felt an adoptee would have a bond with a birthmother while he was simply an outsider. The documentary itself sounds fascinating: "Resilience" finally gives birthmothers who had to give… [more]